It trained me to feel what a good golf swing is and within 30-45 minutes I was able to add 15-20 yards onto my 7 iron and more importantly increase my accuracy by 25%.

Swing Genie worked for me in 2 swings. I got a longer distance and a lot more accuracy.

I put Swing Genie on and took about 20 shots and never came “over the top” once.

I stopped slicing!

Within 5-6 strokes I started hitting the ball straight!

I was spraying the ball prior to Swing Genie all over the place, and with Swing Genie I was able to be within 20 yards of center line.

I put on the Swing Genie. It definitely improved my accuracy, my distance. I started getting a little tighter with my form and more consistent with my swing. And I recommend Swing Genie.

I was practicing and I noticed an immediate 10 to 15 yard distance increase!

Swing Genie translates into a lot better golf shots.

Swing Genie is actually magic!

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